On “Chalk Art of the Week”

On “Chalk Art of the Week”

One of my favorite jobs in my wide array of work experiences was The Meridian Hookah Lounge. I started as a server there in 2014, and remained there for over a year before I left to go work for the railroad. By the time I left, I felt like I was a part of family, and if I could return to any job based on enjoyment alone, it would be Meridian in a heartbeat. The job did instill in me a respect (and guilty pleasure) for hookah culture, but to this day, it remains one of the most freeing and laid-back places I’ve ever earned a paycheck.

Case in point, the infamous Meridian chalkboard. It was nothing special, just a chalk signboard that we would use to advertise shisha flavors, specials and discounts, events, etc. But the liberated air of Meridian allowed for a high level of creativity, humor, and downright snark, and the chalkboard was no exception. I personally took great pleasure in flexing my artistic muscles. Here’s a few that I drew for Meridian. Continue reading “On “Chalk Art of the Week””


On the Author

On the Author

I, the “Misha” of mishamau5.wordpress.com, am a mid-twenty-something hipster millennial living in rural North Carolina instead of his native Central Florida. I was born and raised well within Walt Disney World’s circle of influence; my dad worked for their emergency services department until I was about 15 or so. We lived far enough away to not technically be living in Orlando, but it’s my go-to answer for the inevitable “Where are you from?” that my out-of-place persona invokes. Now, my wife Madison and I live in her native Rocky Mount, NC, and people instantly pick out our neutral American accents as strangely foreign. It doesn’t help either that we are one of only a handful of interracial couples in this backwater town. Our new Rocky Mount neighbors also tend to pick up on our relatively impressive cultural knowledge and experience; Madi and I eat sushi (with chopsticks!), are bilingual (I learned a good bit of Russian in college, and she and I both have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish), and can hold our own in socio-political conversation beyond simply sharing Facebook articles. In short, she and I tend to stick out.

Continue reading “On the Author”

On a Return to Creating Content

I’ve never been great at keeping up with things. Things that seem like a great, fun idea, only to become a chore as the reality of life sets in. Worthwhile and rewarding things that take just a little too much effort after a full day of earning a paycheck.  Things like starting and maintaining a blog. I’ve tested the waters a few times, tried my hand at publishing content, but it’s never lasted long. And yet, here I am again. Will things be different this time?

Who knows?

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. That’s the attitude I’m trying to keep anyway. Perhaps if I let myself relax and create at my leisure, it won’t seem overwhelming or burdensome. I do want to spend time writing and sharing thoughts (or else I wouldn’t be writing here now), but if I preserve a laissez-faire mindset, maybe it can continue to be a hobby, a way to vent and let off steam, a way to spread my opinion in posts that people will hopefully enjoy reading.

As far as the content of this blog goes, all I can offer is a vague aray of subjects I engage in. So you might expect music, video games, movies and TV, linguistics (I did major in Russian in college), and the adventures and milestones I share with my wife, Madison (and you can find her at cestlamoot.com!). We haven’t lived in our rural, middle-of-nowhere North Carolina town very long, so perhaps we’ll post our discoveries as we explore this quaint little place. I am, of course, very open to suggestions! It is most certainly not the readers’ job or obligation to tell the author what to produce, but let’s just say it’s an open invitation to provide feedback about the kinds of things you enjoy and might like to see more of.

So I won’t drone on about what may or may not find its way onto this blog, since I can’t really promise anything. It’s likely that I’ll settle into a niche, and you may see recurring themes, segments, or features. And hopefully they’ll make for a nice read.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime; I’ve linked my various social media sites, and I’m always excited to hear from readers and make new friends.

Until next time,

-Misha Mouse